Student of the Month September 2018

Student of The Month for September 2018

Senior Belt Child Winner September 2018
4th Kup Blue Belt To All Dan Grades

Ezra Flight Who really has just what can be best described as clicked with his Tae Kwon Do. His technique and finesse have just gone up a notch. Simply looks like a Black Belt in waiting; patterns look strong; stances are much more refined and his attitude has gone from being sloppy to mature. I can tell Ezra 'wants' his black belt and his training is reflecting this. The only downside his theory is absolute pants so there is definitely some work to do here young man. Well done though on transforming your Tae Kwon Do skills Ezra.

Senior Belt Adult Winner September 2018
4th Kup Blue Belt To All Dan Grades
Richard Troughton
This Month it has to go to our record breaker. 62 and a half hours of Tae Kwon Do in 30 days! Awesome; No need to say anymore this speaks for itself. Teaching skills are coming on so well and his Tae Kwon Do is just getting better and better. Great example to set others and like ALL the other black belts in the club an inspiration for all. Well done Richard keep up the work; another 65 hours in October 2018?   4 Cresta Runs Backto Back.  Still cannot do Gae Baek without errors though so keep on it Mr T.

Junior Belt Child Winner September 2018
10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt
Isobel Carney 
This young lady did not have the best of pre-grades and indeed struggled on several different aspects. She trained a lot between the pre-grade and grading and got herself up to speed with a lot of support from Dad taking her to classes and training alongside. never the less she had a shed load of improvement to do and she did it. Well done Isobel; yellow belt in September 2018 & Student of The Month Belt to wear too.

Junior Belt Adult Winner September 2018
10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt
Madeline Parker
Although now a senior belt for 7 days she has like Isobel managed to up her game considerably enough to grade and pass the blue belt grade. fantastic work ethic in class and indeed coming out of herself in character. Even making Tae Kwon Do keyrings in her spare time. Well done Madeline great efforts in class and your attendance has rocketed along with your abilities and skill set. Next stop Dragons Den or maybe The Apprentice; or Red Stripe... Or even all three!

Well done to each and every student that train hard every session. You are a credit to yourself and keep it up.

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