Student of the Month March 2020

Student Of The Month March 2020

Junior Belt Child 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe.

SOTM March 2020 Taryn Gregory 9th Kup White Belt

Congratulations to Taryn. This young lady's enthusiasm has been relentless for the 2 weeks we were physically in the dojang. In March she learned her new pattern and was jumping around trying flying kicks and taking part in free sparring. Working hard on her line work much like 99.9 per cent pf the junior belt contingent. Where some have been busy enjoying the time to relax and isolate there have been lots of students who have joined our 'virtual dojang' on the zoom platform. This has taken a while for me to get used to and it's still in it's infancy but well done to all those who have tried to take part. Indeed taken part when the link and codes have been there for you all to access. It looks like we will be here for a little while so please find out when and where the lessons are; check your emails as I will send reminders to all of you so you can structure some lessons into your new weekly cycle. I hear that Helen, Taryn's Mum, may be joining us. Go on Helen, be the first new virtual student to join our virtual dojang.

SOTM March 2020

Taryn Gregory

Junior Belt Adult 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe.

SOTM March 2020 Sarah Smith 9th Kup White Belt

This was a really tricky one to choose from as so many deserve at least a medal for coping with, well let's say unusual circumstances.Well done to Sarah who has joined with us since October 2019. The covid 19 virus issue has scuppered all our usual routines. There are now many of you who are training via the virtual lessons. I am pleased with the uptake so far. If you have not joined us yet please contact me and I will endeavour to get you all on board and send a link to our now scheduled and timetabled lessons. Sarah has trained in her front room with her 2 boys Morgan and Alfie. Plenty of virtual classes and indeed plenty of physical dojang lessons for the first 2 weeks of March. Well done Sarah, I can say that you have improved 'virtually'.

Sarah Smith

Senior Belt Junior 4th Kup Belt to any Black Belt Dan Grade.

SOTM March 2020 John Kovacs 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe

This young man although follically challenged has been visiting our club on a regular basis for a number of months now. Because of an actual house move to our area John, Susan and Joseph will be formally joining our club in the future. John, already a good student of course being under Mr Overy's tutelage, has been improving steadily and has been training vast amounts.He has kept training in our 'virtual dojang' He was also the director of our SL TKD Youtube channel PLEASE SUBSCRIBE... Hit the RED BUTTON TO SUBSCRIBE. He has spent numerous hours editing the videos and recording the footage. This in itself deserves a medal. Putting up with my awful jokes and dodgy humour. Thanks for cutting out all my good jokes John! He has also helped me enormously behind the scenes with our 'virtual dojang'. Well done on achieving SOTM March 2020.

John Kovacs

John Kovacs and Femi Macaulay

Senior Belt Adult 4th Kup Belt to any Black Belt Dan Grade.

SOTM March 2020 Robert Howe 2nd Dan Black Belt

Robert Howe

Congratulations Robert, a landslide victory for March 2020. Lifting everyone's spirits during this uncertain period. If you have not seen his patterns to music dressed as MIB Men In Black or when Robert filmed Santa doing Toi Gye in his back garden then you have missed a treat. Well worth a look and deserved winner of SOTM March 2020. He also, along with Matt O'Sullivan, spent 8 hours filming on the last window of opportunity before isolation restrictions came in for us all. Not only that punishing day going through patterns; line work; set sparring; kicking drills( ALL available on SL TKD Youtube Channel) The whole syllabus from 10th Kup White Belt to 2nd Dan Black Belt. He came to our last lesson and did another hour and a half class. Keep up the high spirits Robert.

If you have not won a medal this month please remember it is already April and the same process is less than 4 weeks away. Will you gain a SOTM medal in 2020? Come on push yourselves. Go for it ; believe and achieve with SL TKD. See you in the 'virtual dojang'

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