Student of the Month May 2020

Student Of The Month May 2020

Junior Belt Child 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe.

SOTM May 2020 Freya Neal 8th Kup Yellow Belt

Freya is dare I say a typical teenager at present, there is plenty of them out there right at this moment.You know the ones that can barely lift there heads from the pillow in the morning without having a major operation to remove the bed mattress form their back. Now whether Mum has been the driving force behind Freya, motivating her to get up and get on with things who knows but Freya has truly trained with enthusiasm in the digital dojang. Joining the Top 10 in attendance for May 2020 in a respectable 10th place with her 11 hours in May only leaving one lesson slightly early because of intense heat, got to say great work and impressive attitude Freya. It was a really tough choice this Month between you Amar Hosn, Oliver Cartwright, Jack Bennet and Veronica Zylobicka. 2020 'Lock Down’ SOTM. Congratulations Freya. Keep up the pushing Train Hard and Plenty see if you can hit over the 20 in June!


Junior Belt Adult 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe.

SOTM May 2020 Noura Hosn 7th Kup Yellow Belt

This young lady has consistently worked hard in classes, not only grasping each lesson by the throat and pushing hard with her personal training and improvements she is a role model to her daughter who trains alongside her. To be fair to Amar she also cracks the whip with her Mum telling her to do things correctly. They both have brought an element of fun into the digital dojang. Indeed the introduction of ky Blue Pom Poms from the pair is a first in my digital dojang and I suspect a world first in a digital dojang? Intricate stretching choreographed stretches and kicks and line work has in turn given ,me new ideas for teaching certain aspects of the lessons on line. Superb efforts and it can really be seen visually by your Tae Kwon Do looking even better than it was before lock down began. Congratulations not only joint 1st in the Top 1o for Hours in May 2020 with Amar but SOTM May 2020.


Senior Belt Junior 4th Kup Belt to any Black Belt Dan Grade.

SOTM March 2020 Mia Cronqvist 1st Kup Red Belt

Mia has really upped her game, initially unsure of the ‘Digital Dojang’ eventually has given it a go. Unlike lots of you who just have not been brave enough, Mia has and I can really see a stronger fitter more confident young lady. In one of our digital lessons I remember complimenting Mia on her improvements and her Mum must of over heard. I got a really pleasant message from her Mum later that evening thanking me for the encouragement and compliments I had given to her daughter. She genuinely deserves the compliments. The moody teenage years are an absolute PITA for all concerned. I expect 80% of teenagers to quit any form of exercise or team thing if deemed uncool.The majority seem to shirk anything remotely resembling handwork. I am sure I was the same? This may be for many reasons, apathy, peer pressure, boredom, bad attitudes, school studies, boy friends or girlfriends. Who knows the reasons but many do quit things. Hat’s off to Mia for bucking this trend, coming out the other end giving it her best truly great work.Unlike many of the people who started with or above you your journey continues and you continue to flourish. Next step black belt when it happens, should have been April 2020 but there we go… Keep it up Mia SOTM may 2020.


Senior Belt Adult 4th Kup Belt to any Black Belt Dan Grade.

SOTM March 2020 Robert Howe 2nd Dan Black Belt

Now I know it feels like deja vu but Robert only achieved SOTM in March 2020 but I have no option to give it to him in May 2020. Still managing to break into the Top 10 with his job and pattern of work, he has packed in a very respectable 12 hours of digital dojang classes. Shown a  truly remarkable attitude towards learning, assisting, lifting morale amongst the club. He really is a tonic and a great role model within the club. He works a shift pattern looking after the wellbeing of the Monkeys in Monkey World. He has a responsible security job there. He now is embarking on a course to learn the trade of welding. Still finding the time to train and help others at the drop of a hat. Although obviously a busy young man he would o anything for anyone if he could. Maturing into an even finer young man. Congratulations Robert, well deserved again. SOTM May 2020.


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