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SL TKD Coloured Belt Grading 09-03-2019

100 % Grading Success at SLTKD On the 9th March 2019 Grand Master Michael Dew examined the members of Ringwood, Fordingbridge, Cranborne, Ferndown and Verwood Tae Kwon Do Schools. It was one of the best overall grading tests since 1994. The clubs had 5 A Passes and 4 Grading Awards handed out. There was over…
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SL TKD Attendance February 2019

WHO DID THE MOST TRAINING HOURS IN FEBRUARY 2019? Was it you? February 2019 felt busy; although I have not seen the comparison to 2018 and 2017 it to me seems that it was a great year for attendance. More than attendance is the overall effort put in by the students from the new white…
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Student of the Month February 2019

STUDENT OF THE MONTH FEBRUARY 2019 Child Junior Belt 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe: Winner : Emma Jane Tanner¬† / 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe: This young lady has had a long stay at this grade and has consolidated her syllabus. She was a little unsure and quite…
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1st Dan Black Belt Patterns – Videos 11-02-2019

Our very own Richard Troughton and Ben Coe performing Kwang-Gye and Po-Eun 1st Dan patterns. All comments, critical or otherwise welcome below please. Richard Troughton - 1st Dan Ben Coe - 1st Dan Ben Coe & Richard Troughton - Bow Staff Pattern
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South West Competition Feb 3rd 2019

Hutton Moor Leisure centre on sunday 3rd February was where the TAGB South West hosted a regional competition. It was attended by over 500 competitors and over 100 officials; goodness knows how many spectators. Our clubs had a considerable attendance in officiating and competing. The competitors on the day were : Jeanette Janes; Brian Janes;…
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Black Belt Patterns Course – Feb 2nd 2019

On Saturday February 2nd over 230 Black Belts descended upon Weston Super Mare for a technical patterns course hosted by World Grand Master Dew of the South West of England TAGB. It was a pleasure to see so many Black Belts all training together and learning their specific techniques and getting advice from other Senior…
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Student of the Month January 2019

A great start to the New Year attendance-wise is on track with 2017 and 2018. Keep the Dojang busy Ladies and Gentlemen, Girls and Boys. We have a coloured belt Pre-Grading and NEW FOR 2019 a specific Black Belt Pre-Grading thes dates are fast approaching so you ALL should be slamming in the hours for…
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SL TKD Attendance Janurary 2019

How many hours did YOU train in January? Here are the hours for January. HOURS ATTENDED IN JANUARY 2019... First week in January got off to a slow start but from the second week it gathered momentum. Classes are at present at their busiest on a Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Let's try and get…
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SL TKD Xmas Party Jan 25th 2019

Student of The year Presentations for 2018 SL TKD Tae Kwon Do Ringwood, Verwood Fordingbridge & Ferndown Schools We had a fantastic party and celebration evening on the 25th of January. Dancing; eating and drinking was the order of the evening. Some tremendous Dad dancing and some whirlwind dances by Mr Snakehips Roger Stewart. Life…
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