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White Dobok Training Day – November 10th 2018

0 LBL : 0 LBL : 0 LBL : 0 LBL Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock.......10th November is fast approaching.. Usually the lessons are well attended and supported by the student base on a weekly basis.  The Saturday morning classes command an audience of between 30 on a quiet lesson to 70+ on a…
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Student of the Month October 2018

Student of The Month Awards for October 2018 Junior Belt Adult and Child 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Junior Belt Adult Winner : Elizabeth Lloyd-Wilson 10th Kup This young lady only started lessons in October 2018 but has taken advantage of the FREE Trial One Month offer for ALL NEW beginners…
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Student of the Month September 2018

Student of The Month for September 2018 Senior Belt Child Winner September 2018 4th Kup Blue Belt To All Dan Grades Ezra Flight Who really has just what can be best described as clicked with his Tae Kwon Do. His technique and finesse have just gone up a notch. Simply looks like a Black Belt…
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SL TKD Attendance September 2018

LESSONS ARE BOOMING IN SEPTEMBER 2018 This is the busiest Month of the year for training; what with a pre grading and a grading in this month. Lots of people have been exceptional not just in their attendance but efforts in class and helping others within the Dojang. Support for the classes has been staggering…
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Black Belt Grading Dates for 2019

Get training now and prepare for your Black Belt in 2019. It will be here before you know it. Area training days and dates are to be advised but these are the grading dates. These dates are subject to change. We have been given notification of Black Belt Grading dates in 2019: APRIL 2019 Friday…
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Student of the Month August 2018

Student of The Month for August 2018 Child Junior Belt Winner - Hayden Jackson This young man does try very hard and has been training since February 2018. Initially once a week at the Burgate School but recently has made a determined effort to get his yellow belt. He does not find it easy and struggles…
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