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Christmas Party 2019

Get your tickets now! 0 LBL : 0 LBL : 0 LBL : 0 LBL   Christmas party and End Of Year Celebrations 14th December Crane Valley Golf Course Will include an optional fancy dress theme of Cowboys and Indians Catered Buffet; Disco; Licenced Bar; Trophies for Student Of The Year Sections. Best Black Belt…
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Student of the Month October 2019

Student Of The Month October 2019 What a fantastic Month of achievement for senior grades within the club! Every 6 months we travel to Weston Super Mare and if grading Bristol for Pre Gradings and training sessions. This is a test of endurance and dedication. It's all in aid of gaining the fabled black belt.…
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SL TKD 25th Anniversary 16-10-2019

77 students attended the 25th Anniversary of SL TKD on Wednesday 16th October, 2019. What a fantastic bunch of students we have! Bob the mannequin was well received although not as much as the 2020 Man Utd Annual 🙂
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White Dobok Day – Saturday November 9th 2019

Back in November 2018 we had our first White Dobok Day. There were a massive number who attended. 94 students came along and joined in the session. Would dearly love it to crack the 100 students this year. It is my 25th Year of teaching this October. Please come and join in the fun session…
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Events Calendar 2020

Please print and keep for your records. Dates correct from October 1st 2019 but may by subject to change. Download Events Calendar 2020
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Student of the Month September 2019

Student Of The Month September 2019 With the Summer time grading behind us. Historically the quieter grading for SLAMA throughout the year. We still had a very significant attendance through the Month. There are Black Belt Grades and Training sessions coming up in October so keep up to speed with your training. We also have…
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International Visitor

This year in 2019 we had a visit from Fraser Newman who practices his Tae Kwon Do in Germany and is currently a 2nd Degree Black Belt.. He has been a long term friend of Roger Stewart who is one of our 3rd Degree Black Belts. Poor Fraser.... Upon one of his visits to see…
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Star Of the Day September 2019

At our last 3 coloured belt gradings we have awarded a 'Star Of The Day' performance medal amongst the Black Belts who attend the grading. I ask them to vote for their star of the day and duly make an award. This award is an internal club item and does not shine away from Grading…
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