Student of the Month June 2020

Student Of The Month June 2020

Junior Belt Child 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe.

SOTM June 2020 Amar Hosn 6th Kup Green Belt

Amar has nearly had this award before but just pipped at the post by others. This time she has shown resilience and a good sense of proudness of what she does and indeed of what she is becoming. Not only are her and her Mum 2 of the highest attendees in The Zoom Rooms classes, she has recently gained her green belt at the FIRST EVER DIGITAL TAGB COLOURED BELT GRADING UNDER LOCKDOWN. She has stuck to the task of learning her new pattern and trying more advanced moves than her belt. She is going to be a good black belt some day in the future. Well done Amar on achieving the Student Of The Month for June 2020. Strive to get another one….

Noura & Amar

Junior Belt Adult 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe.

SOTM June 2020 Louise Sara 5th Kup Green Belt

This is a remarkable achievement after being away from the Dojang for a few month’s relating to her work issues and the pandemic that is currently affecting us all. Louise has come back to training in a full steam ahed approach to her training. Not only navigating her way through treachorous waters whilst working but helping steer her boys onto the right direction with their Tae Kwon Do journeys. A fantastic snd determine approach, wanting to show improvement all the time is a major anchor point in her journey. Let’s hope there is ‘moor’ success ahead and again that black belt is on the horizon some day.


Senior Belt Junior 4th Kup Belt to any Black Belt Dan Grade.

SOTM June 2020 Aisha McCarney 1st Kup Red Belt

This young lady has joined our Zoom Rooms from Ireland with her Mum Michele and her younger sister Kyra. They have all taken to the lessons with ease although they do find my accent a little difficult to understand at times. The whole family are a delight to teach. Always giving 100% effort and technically all 3 ladies are showing good technical abilities and a great work ethic. I can see an improvement over the few months all of you have been partaking in classes within the digital dojang. Let’s hope that they can come visit us when things return to some normality in the future. We have another family from Ireland who have also joined our ‘Zoom Room’ , the Coburn family and again lovely group and an asset to the classes. Well done Aisha; keep up the good work!


Senior Belt Adult 4th Kup Belt to any Black Belt Dan Grade.

SOTM June 2020 Femi Macaulay 1st Kup Red Belt

This young man has had the SOTM in February 2020. He has trained consistently and indeed been a motivator within the group. Always being positive to everyone and giving his advice. Never selfish with his training, always willing to help others. In the Zoom Rooms Femi has been encouraging his son James to get on with his training. It’s been tough recently on lots of us and Femi just seems to be one of those people who just keeps on inspiring others with his attitude and drive to improve not just himself but with others too. Femi WILL be a great black belt in the near future and definitely will grace the dojang with his skills and good nature. Well done Femi SOTM June 2020

John & Femi

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