Student of the Month March 2019

Student Of The Month March 2019

What a Month; I have never known such a supportive Month; we really are like a big Family; It gives me great pleasure to say; It's so hard to choose this Student Of The Month because of the fantastic Student base that exists here within our schools. I and I know the Black Belts who vote on this if they can find the time or remember to do so have really struggled like myself to choose one person from each of the 4 sections. It literally could of be 8 to 10 of you from each section. Truly awesome efforts and dedication.... Quite simply thank you for making this the most rewarding job I could have the pleasure of doing.

Junior Belt 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe: Child

Elsa Jakes: This young lady started with little or no idea about Tae Kwon Do much like evewryone of us. She comes along to class with Dad and her twin brother Oscar and her elder sisters Darcie and Clara. Mum has been bringing her along to other classes too. I have noticed a big improvement in the whole family with regard to standards of Tae Kwon Do. Elsa although only 5 and more concerned about which Princess tiara to wear to class when she first started to now actually helping others around her when they cannot quite do things correctly. She understands the discipline side alot better now and truly is learning and helping those around her to get better. She is showing leadership qualities already. Well done Elsa; well deserved. So many deserving to wear the SL TKD Sky Blue Student of the Month Belt this Month.

Junior Belt 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe :Adult

Tamsin Hodges: Pushed herself really hard this Month along with her immediate compatriots and training buddies. Striving to learn new techniques; grasping the senior classes with both hands and keeping herself and those around her inspired. Again it could of gone to a whole load of you in this section; well done Tamsin keep up the good work. You will be stepping up for that blue belt soon enough. I expect you thought it was miles away when you started training well here you are getting into the business section of the Tae Kwon Do Belt Structure.

Senior Belt 4th Kup Blue Belt to any rank of Black Belt : Child

Jamie Trapnell : He has grown in confidence recently; finally starting to believe in his own abilities and recognising the fact that if you work hard you can achieve. He is like a lot of you standing on the cusp of reaching the Black Belt Hall Of Fame. There are a lot of students endeavouring to get their black belts in a couple of weeks. Jamie is one of them; I felt that a while back he believed he could not do this. It has become more apparent that he now knows he can. This feeling of self doubt is common amongst including myself and even if they won't admit it, most others too. Improvement has become the normal for our students at present and Jamie has epitomised this; again along with so many others. Remember the More YOU Train The More YOU Gain.

Senior Belt 4th Kup Blue Belt to any rank of Black Belt : Adult

Andrew Kinnear : I have to say that this has been one hard Month to choose Student of The Month for March 2019 for lots of reasons; great attendances and efforts from so many students. Andrew took his 2nd Dan Pre-Grading and really upped his attendance in March. So much so that he was 2nd in the attendance hours this Month. Pushing Miss Stone which is amazing in itself. Andrew was unsuccessful on his 2nd Dan Pre-Grade this time but has pushed hard since and I am sure with constant training and help he will get there. This month so many students have trained; competed; officiated and supported it's quite moving. The team spirit between you all is Awesome. The support from all you guys when Andrew did not pass the pre-grade was and is fantastic to witness. The way he took disappointment and got back into the Dojang is admirable.Come on Mr Kinnear KEEP PUSHING and get that 2nd Dan in October. Well done to all of you again so many worth candidates to wear the belt.

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