Student of the Month June 2018


Junior Belt 10th Kup to 5th Kup
Senior Belt 4th Kup to Black Belt

Senior Belt Adult

Kyle Lawton

Kyle trains tirelessly and encourages those around him; pushes his daughters who in turn pushes him. Great team member who always trains regularly. Recently doing a lot more assisting in class on a Sunday morning and has a great rapport with whoever he has helped learn Tae Kwon-Do. Well done and well deserved Kyle.

Senior Belt Child

Max Harman

Max has shown terrific Indomitable Spirit over the past few weeks after his attempt at getting his 1st Kup. He has grabbed the challenge with both hands and got on with the job of improving. Many students have said to me how impressed they are with his good attitude towards getting his belt after a set back. Well done Max; keep up the good work.

Junior Belt Adult

Abbie Tucker

A relatively new student who formerly sat at the side of the dojang kind of watching. One of these people who were not showing an interest; then all of a sudden started training and surprised themselves at how good they are at Tae Kwon-Do. Abbie has not looked back; just trained well and keeps on improving. Well deserved; keep it up.

Junior Belt Child

James White

James was one of those students who started lessons and continuously messed around; recently he has turned himself around and shown good maturity in lessons. Not only behaving better but improving in his Tae Kwon-Do skills. A good role model for those who can be a little silly and do not try hard. Look at what you can achieve when you concentrate and try harder. Once again well done James.

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