Student of the Month July 2019

Student Of The Month July 2019

We have several students who have not trained in a while making a come back to classes recently. These people include Sian Roberts, Robert Howe, Ivan Arathoon and Martin Pressling. A pleasure too see them back in the Dojang having such a positive influence. We also have seen a new student transfer across to the club. Welcome to Natasha Pettifer who has indeed been a fantastic role model already inspiring others within the classes. Welcomed to our 'Family' with friendliness from others. It has been tricky yet again to decide who gets the awards for July 2019 as it tends to be a quieter Month for attendance; Summer and Holidays for lots of you. Never the less attendance has still been strong and with venue upheaval classes are still buoyant and well attended with students. thank You ALL for your continued support. Thank you to all the Black Belts who vote for Student of The Month, it's lovely to read your reasonings and your ALL efforts are tremendous.

Junior Belt 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe: Child

William Moore (9th Kup):

This young man has started training with us in 2019; he was extremely shy at first, sat and watched the lesson from the sidelines. Not venturing from his Mother's side. Eventually after a couple of weeks he joined in and become more confident and was able to do a whole lesson learning techniques all the while. He graded in June 2019 and gained his yellow stripe and now from being one of the most shy he is now a regular Tiger Class Student with a bit of a roar on him now. Well done William. SOTM July 2019

Junior Belt 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe: Adult

Louise Sara (7th Kup):

This young lady is making a habit of gaining the Adult SOTM July 2019 Belt; second time around for this accolade. She is popular in class and always works hard to improve; a team player and has a hunger to learn and master new techniques. Louise is helpful to others and is showing a good level of understanding her techniques at her level. Also appearing in The Daily Mail on the 31st July 2019 edition... We have a media superstar in our class. Congratulations Ma'am. Lets hope she can continue to get better at the Art and maybe take part in the next competitions that are fast approaching?

Senior Belt 4th Kup Blue Belt to any rank of Black Belt: Child

Jens Janes (3rd Kup):

Jens has been training quite a while now and has been kind of in the shadow off big sister Hannah and also working alongside his younger brother. He has been using the Tae Kwon-Do classes as his playground for a number of Month's now. This has shown as his standard is not as high as his siblings. I think it is a way of letting off steam after being well behaved at school and working hard there. However recently he seems to have realised that his Sister and Brother along with his Mum and Dad are really improving with their standards. So to counteract this Jens has really upped his efforts and surprised ne and other Black belts who have taught him recently. He has really pulled his socks up and is now becoming as good as his immediate family. Well done Jens...

Senior Belt 4th Kup Blue Belt to any rank of Black Belt: Adult

Elliott King (2nd Dan):

This young man has shown maturity beyond his years for a considerable time now. He is an absolute idol for many of the younger students coming up through the ranks. He has a great manner about him and can really get techniques across to the students he assists in class. for such a young man he is not phased at teaching groups of children or adults even mixed groups of belts. great asset to the club and adds to the family feel. Whether he teaches one to one or indeed taking a grading warm up or warm down with in excess of 100 students. Elliott copes manfully. His own Tae Kwon-Do is improving at a great rate too and I hope he is able to do himself justice in the up and coming competitions.

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