Student of the Month July 2018

Student of The Month for July 2018

Although it is the holiday season and attendance is historically lower this Month and is in August because of people going on holiday. I am still proud that people are attending lessons when they are not on holiday. the weather has been exceptionally hot so for you guys to train well is not easy and you have all shown great dedication to training and indeed assisting others; well done to you all.

If you are not aware Black Belts who regularly assist in lessons are sending me their choices for each section in Student of The Month. So getting a description of the student and a vague belt and or height etc has given me a great deal of detective work to work out who on earth you all mean... Please just ask their names; it is easier for you too. I appreciate it's trick remembering names but if I can do it; so can you. Well i do it 99.9per cent of the time!

All sections were closely fought and again several previous winnersa were voted for. you can and will win the belt more than once if you keep it up. We have no double winners as yet but was very close this Month.

Junior Belt Awards

White Belt 10th Kup to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe

Adult Junior Belt Winner Megan Baldissara 7th Kup Yellow Belt Green Stripe

Megan has quietly just got on with her training; cycling to class for a good warm up, occasionally forgetting to iron her dobok! She just tries extremely hard and pushes herself every lesson. Improvement is obvious and has entered in the environment of competitions and come away with well deserved medals. Shame she has to leave the area; will be missed as a good student by us all. Hope she continues training in the future and keeps on improving.

Child Junior Belt Winner Kristian Janes 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe

Kristian although very young; only 5 years old has really taken his training seriously in the past few weeks. Pushing very hard and improving in technique. although he likes to pick his nose occasionally in the lessons his Tae Kwon Do is fast improving. You got a lot of votes from other Black belts too young man so keep it up. Press Ups ARE Awesome too. Keep it up Kristian; less of the the nose picking.

Senior Belt Awards

Blue belt 4th Kup to Black Belt 1st 2nd or 3rd Dan

Adult Senior Belt Winner Zoe Stone 2nd Dan Black Belt

Zoe has changed for the better in lessons apart from always trying to sneak chewing gum into the lessons or diving for her phone during a lesson which does not go down well. Never the less she has become a good assistant to student groups in the classes rather than Little Miss Bossy Pants. There has been a noticable turn around in how she teaches with compassion and understanding. This was quite simply never there before. Always tries her hardest and does so many classes nowadays. Taking over from 'Spurty Magoo' in attendance. well done Zoe; less of the sass and more of the class.

Child Senior Belt Winner Benjamin Barnes 4th Kup Blue Belt

Ben has been training for a number of years now and has battled his way through things and seems to be finding classes as a bit of an outlet. In a positive way it has really channelled his energies; I have had a couple of chats with ben when he has come into class not in the best of moods and not really wanted to train but after a talk he duly put on his belt and really enjoyed the class. I hope he remembers this as it truly helps you forget about hings that affect you outside the dojang. Believe you me I know. Well done Ben keep it up.

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