Student of the Month February 2019


Child Junior Belt 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe:

Winner : Emma Jane Tanner  / 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe:

This young lady has had a long stay at this grade and has consolidated her syllabus. She was a little unsure and quite a quiet young lady. Almost to the point of stopping training I feel. However she has found the determination and inspiration to actually stick it out and really has tremendously improved lately. To the point of standing in front of the whole Thursday class of over 50 people and perform her pattern in a competetive environment and win bonus points for the Ladies Team on the night. Huge surge in confidence and energy in her training has seen great improvement in her standards. The Black Belts who nominated you have obviously seen this too Emma Jane; well done young lady.

Adult Junior Belt 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe:

Winner : Jeanette Janes / 6th Kup Green Belt:

Jeanette has had a few busy months and has not been able to attend so many sessions with the Janes Family. Recently however the whole family have returned to class with renewed vigour and determination. The whole family after being back in class properly for around 2 weeks decided to enter the Southern Area Championships in Weston Super Mare. Brian got a 3rd place for his pattern and I know that Jeanette; Hannah; Jens and Kristian were not far from medalling too. Once again huge congratulations and keep it up Jeanette. Next step blue stripe awaits you.

Child Senior Belt 4th Kup Blue Belt to any Black Belt:

Winner : Archie Penn  / 2nd Kup Red Belt

Although Archie can be seen being Archie from time to time lapsing into muppetry behaviour. He has stepped up his class attendance and is getting better. This is no mean feat for Archie as he does tend to struggle with concentration and focusing on the subject he is being shown. Several people have noticed an upsurge in his standard and behaviour pattern is getting better. Please continue to try and improve Archie. If you try and do things well you will achieve what you want to.

Adult Senior Belt 4th Kup Blue Belt to any Black Belt

Winner : Richard Blandford / 2nd Dan Black Belt

This young man has trained consistently well and always gives every lesson his all. Even when injured he pushed himself to attend and made it slightly worse. Rest man for goodness sake! He has been pre-occupied by a house fire this week and STILL made time to come along to train and to assist with classes. I ask you; who else has such devotion to the cause. Helping behind the scenes at pre-gradings; gradings and even checking my typing on the Student of The Month and Monthly Attendance releases. I do make a few typing errors from time to time and Richard generally spots them. He is responsible for looking after the growing website so all in all; a bit overdue but well deserved.

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