Student of the Month December 2018

** Important News For Student of The Year 2019 and Hours Trained **

As of january the 1st 2019 there will not only be a belt to wear for The Student of The Month but a personalised T Shirt for the winners. Hours trained T Shirts can be purchased if wanted by any student for the Month's you require. Cost of the T shirts will be £16.50 each or Long Sleeved variety £18.50.

At the end of the Year the top 3 students with the most hours will receive a mystery Tae Kwon Do related prize at the end of 2019. They will be sought after items so as the saying goes. "The More You Train; The More You Gain." Get to classes regularly during the year; motivate yourself and see if you can achieve. Only YOU can do it.

Student of The Month Winners for December 2018.
FIRST EVER Visiting Student Wins the December 2018 Award

Junior Belt Child 10th kup to 5th Kup

Luke Brocklehurst

He has trained well since learning that he can achieve his next belt by working hard in classes. His Mum trains and he initially questioned me as to why he could not have a belt like his Mum. I heard his Mum saying to him that he had to be able to do Sajo Jirugi with no help from others and do well with the line work and concentrate. This did take a few weeks to sink in; the next grading came around and his Mum got her next belt; Luke aked me as to why he could not have a belt? To which I responded; you have to be able to do Sajo Jirugi with no help and be able to do the line work we give you in class. The penny dropped and now he has learned to work hard and is a proud yellow belt. Keep it up Luke; get that dreaded 3 step and Dan Gun and you could soon be a 7th Kup. Good too see you at beach training to Luke

Junior Belt Adult 10th kup to 5th Kup

Tom Carney

This is Tom's 2nd time of gaining Student of The Month during 2018. First person to do twice. Can he achieve this in 2019? Increased his training hours significantly and has gained the improvement to boot. His daughter Isobel has really improved too and both are well on the way to their next grades. Tom is becoming more flexible and strives hard to master his techniques; he helps out the others in his grade group. Being slightly out numbered by children from time to time he really does help the group around him and is a great motivator in hs section. Well done Tom on doing the most hours in December for a Junior belt. Great too see you at the beach training session too Tom.

Senior Belt Child 4th kup to any Dan Grade

Olivia Lawton

This young lady was a very shy, quiet person in class when she firat started. She along with her Dad Kyle and sister Emily are now 1st Kups and deservedly so. Her tae Kwon Do standard has steadily risen to the point that she now can competently assist in class with other students. Her efforts are good even though like her sister is going through that 'can't be bothered teenage stage'. I know she is confident enough to want to attempt the Black Belt Grading in April so I expect that she will be training hard with all the other 1st kups and helping pull them all through to First Dans in 2019. Keep it up young lady good role model to those who line up behind you and alongside you.

Senior Belt Adult 4th kup to any Dan Grade

Matt O'Sullivan

First EVER visitor to make such an impact on classes; so much so this step has been taken in recognition of his efforts. December is generally a quiet Month for attendance as it's the Season of Good Will; silly hats; chocolates and hall closures. This young man travels every Sunday without fail to classes in Verwood on a Sunday; he trains under Mr Alex Overy in Romsey Tae Kwon Do School. We do get lots of senior students who attend the early session on a Sunday at 4.30pm and then they get their bags and go home to get on with their busy day; understandably so as we all have lives and things to do. Some of you stay on to help like Matt, Clifton Beard and Chrissy Loader; there obviously are others but these 3 are the most regular to stay on and help the Sunday class. His daughter comes along too and partakes in the junior session at 5.30pm and Poppy works very hard like her Dad both a credit to their Instructor Mr Alex Overy. thank you for helping and training well and setting a great example. he even came along to class the Sunday before Christmas with a stinking cold and watched his daughter train. Oh yes and bribed me with a lovely Christmas present of alcohol and chocolate! Some of you may have seen him at our December coloured belt grading; he is also on the cover photo of our Facebook group.

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