Student of the Month August 2018

Student of The Month for August 2018

Child Junior Belt Winner - Hayden Jackson

This young man does try very hard and has been training since February 2018. Initially once a week at the Burgate School but recently has made a determined effort to get his yellow belt. He does not find it easy and struggles sometimes with his left and right as most people do when we are learning coordination excercises. He tries hard to achieve and now doing a lot more classes in a week has noticeably improved. Less time looking around being de focused and more time trying to master Chon Ji. well done Hayden; keep up the good efforts in class.

Adult Junior Belt Winner - Andy Laydon

He supports his two daughters and trains alongside them helping them achieve their belts by practising moves at home. having experience in another martial art it has helped Andy to understand what we do in ours. Tae Kwon-Do suits Andy as his technique has already given him an A Pass at his grading. Keep up the support work Andy and keep up with the A passes'; those girls are hot on your heels and doing well.

Child Senior Belt Winner - Emily Lawton

A few months ago Emily suffered an injury in class and had to stop training for a little while. She was understandably upset on missing classes with her Dad and sister. She even missed out on taking a grading because she was getting back to normal from her injury. She is now at a stage where she is focused and determined; listening to Instructions in class. Her drive is extraordinary for such a young lady and I am sure with her drive she will be achieving a Black Belt in the future. Keep it up Emily you are a positive role model to others who stand behind you in class and indeed in front of you.

Adult Senior Belt Winner - Paul Gilet

This shiny headed character needs no introduction as he always when he trains hard and gives it his all. Like numerous senior belt adults of course. This is undoubtably the most fiercely contested section in Student of the Month with so many great candidates to wear the belt Month in and Month out. Who says adults are not competitive? Healthy competition amongst your peers is essential for anyone's personal development and leads to everyone improving. Paul is no exception after his last grading disaster zone he has picked himself up; trained well and is on track to get his 1st Kup on time.

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