Student of the Month April 2018


Votes are in for Student of The Month. All the regularly attending Black belts that help during classes now have a vote for the 4 sections in Student of the Month. Impress the Black Belts who teach you and see if you can get a nomination for Student of the Month or maybe even win it. Don't just try hard with the Instructor as your performance and efforts count with ALL the Black Belts.  They are voting for students and if your doing well for efforts and attitude then it could be you.

Junior Belt  10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe.

Child Junior Belt Winner   Jayden Thornton 9th Kup

Jayden has consistently tried hard and keeps trying to improve. He has a fantastic attitude to learning; very respectful, well mannered and a pleasant boy. His Tae Kwon Do skills are getting stronger. A very determined young man who is enjoying the flying and spinning kicks as well as learning his pattern.

Jayden Thornton

Adult Junior Belt Winner   Tom Carney 10th Kup

Tom has started training after seeing his daughter grade in Calne; Isabel did well and achieved her 9th Kup and I think this has inspired Tom to give it a try. He certainly has grabbed the lessons by the horns and has given them his full efforts encouraging the group of youngsters around him to train well and indeed been concentrating on his technique and wants to perfect his moves.

(Picture to follow)

Senior Belt   4th Kup Blue Belt up to Black Belt 3rd Dan.

Child Senior Belt Winner   Kayleigh Marshall 3rd Kup

Kayleigh has improved with efforts and has done a lot of hours since her last grading. Technically not the sharpest but has the enthusiasm and attitude that will get her there eventually. Lots of Black Belts have mentioned this young lady just because she has really tried hard to improve. Listening to instruction and taking them on board is not always easy for a child and Kayleigh has done this remarkably well and is starting to show significant signs of improvement.

Kayleigh Marshall

Adult Senior Belt Winner   Charles Woolward 2nd Dan

Charles has not only passed his 2nd Dan Black Belt in April but upped his game relating to attendance and training to the extent that he won the T shirt for the most hours attended in April 2018. His dedication has been tremendous; helping in lots of classes regularly throughout the Month along with fitting in a 2nd dan Grading. He now is embarking on a teaching qualification so has his hands full for the next Month.

Chazz Woolward

Congratulations to all 4 of you; there were a lot of names voted for so keep pushing for the May 2018 award; it could be you.


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