The More Hours You Train the better YOU become at anything. Here in our clubs we reward the studemts with a free T shirt for Senior Belts that is Blue Belt and above. There are not so many classes for the junior belts to attend so we also provide a Junior Belt award for the most hours trained. So a double bonus; you improve at Tae Kwon Do the most Awesome Self Defence and if you do the most hours you get a Free T Shirt; well the top 2 actually get one each. Generous club you see.

January 2017 we voted for a different colour T Shirt and the design has been tweaked slightly. The Winners for this Month are Sam Richards who totalled 27 hours and 2nd place was William McGregor who did 23 hours.

Junior Belt Winner was Molly  who totalled 23 hours and 30 minutes; 2nd place went to Jens who did 12 hours 30 minutes.

Not only does your Tae Kwon Do skill level increase the more you train you could get a free T shirt for your hard efforts. Hope you like the design as you Ladies & Gentlemen voted for the colour.

In January 2017 there was a total of 999 hours trained throughout January. In 2018 January had 1264 hours trained in total; astonishing rise in hours overall. Keep it up guys YOU are ALL AWESOME.

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