SL TKD Attendance September 2018


This is the busiest Month of the year for training; what with a pre grading and a grading in this month.

Lots of people have been exceptional not just in their attendance but efforts in class and helping others within the Dojang. Support for the classes has been staggering and I must say the busiest I remember. Proud of you students; standards are rising because you are putting in the hours.

We have also had a new hours trained milestone set in September; it was formerly 53 hours and 30 minutes. It is now a staggering 62 hours and 30 minutes in one month; that's an average of around 2 hours training a day for 30 days.... Will that ever be beaten or equalled. Well done Richard Troughton for doing the lessons and you know I have made them tough. I wanted it to be a challenge and i hope it was. I think this will stay a record for a while.

If you look at how many hours YOU have done in September; you will be happy I am sure; well done and once again keep smashing these records.

There is now a section for visiting students within our table so see if you can find yourself. Fin O'Donnell; Jane Cunliffe; Matt O'Sullivan; Olivia Cunliffe; Rachie Barrow; Luca Butt.

October 2018... Will attendance be better than 2017? You can make records by attending; every class counts and the more you train the more you gain...

How many hours did YOU train in September?

Click the images to find out:

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