SL TKD Attendance May 2020

Well May has certainly been an active Month for many; the roles reversed card is certainly here to stay at the moment. The Junior grades are leading the way in attendance and indeed swotting the senior belt contingent aside with their attendance hours. Well done to all of you who managed to get any training in over the Month of May 2020. I am sure some of you just forget what day it is or indeed where you are. It’s tricky to keep track of the days in the situation that we find ourselves in. Caught up in a  time bubble or just busy with working and family matters during these peculiar times. Times have changed for the foreseeable future, can you find the time to fit back into your new lifestyle something that you seemed to enjoy?

Now we could just let events of the pandemic affect our lifestyles forever more or just not let it take anymore from us, the choice is yours to make the time to do what you want. I know that standing in front of a computer/ tv or tablet even mobile phone screen is alien to most, including me. To be fair I felt a complete numpty at first, surprisingly enough now it’s almost second nature and dare I say enjoyable to teach. It is a positive joy seeing you guys on the other side of my screen, so thank you for so many of you for attending. If you have not attended yet; please give it a go. The class does truly miss you, so do I. Don’t let this virus take this from you as well.

I in turn have been suffering with the dreaded hay fever, grass pollen has done me in on a few occasions, believe it or not typing this content tears are streaming on to my keyboard. Yes hay fever not emotions. I have a heart of stone don’t you know.

Thanks for all your messages of support and indeed your contact regarding injuries, work and family commitments preventing lots of you from joining the digital dojang. You are welcome when it’s convenient for you to do so.

We have started doing lessons on a 1 to 1 basis in local parks even in back gardens and open spaces. Indeed any space that is appropriate, even private 1 to 1 sessions via Zoom. These have been great for all those who have taken part Sarah, Morgan and Alfie Smith. Robert Howe, Richard Blandford, Susan Dewhurst John and Joe Kovacs. Phoebe McEwan, Ethan Moule, Ed and Abigail Hurst. Craig, Sharon and Jack carver to name but a few of you have benefited from the individual lessons. Great to see your enthusiasm and energy to learn more.

The  attendance hours considering what is currently going on in the world is great, keep up the positivity people.

Tae Kwon Do can and does give good healthy benefits and distractions from the current problems that are everywhere. Let’s support each other, get in contact with your club mates and ask how they are, I know they’re missing you.

May 2020 Hours Top of The Charts

Amar & Nourah Hosn Junior Belts came joint 1st Place with an astonishing 31 hours of digital dojang lessons!

Jack Carver Senior Belt did 26 Awesome Hours in May 2020.

May 2020 Hours

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