SL TKD Attendance June 2020


This June has seen a steady turn out to the Zoom Rooms, classes have yet again been alive with the lower grade students. Huge congratulations go out to over 30 of them who partook in the first ever digital dojang grading system with the TAGB. The organisation is now using what we did as a blueprint for coloured belt gradings so thank you for being part of it. Well done to those of you who graded and got your rewards for your hardworking and dedication via Zoom. It paid off; If you have not trained via this system please try as the next Grading will be in September. Will you be part of it? Not if you are not training via the digital dojang you won’t.

The hours for June are down on 2019 for obvious reasons but we still have some tremendous hours trained, have a look and see where you came in the lists? Did you do more classes than the black belts? Who was in the Top 10? Was it you? Were you number 1?

Well done on your efforts and hope to see you in July and aim for that grading in September 2020. Black Belt graders, September is fast approaching….. I need to see more of you please or it will have to be an even longer wait.

June 2020 Hours

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