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SL TKD Attendance June 2020

JUNE 2020 HOURS COVID 19  /  MONTH 3 This June has seen a steady turn out to the Zoom Rooms, classes have yet again been alive with the lower grade students. Huge congratulations go out to over 30 of them who partook in the first ever digital dojang grading system with the TAGB. The organisation…
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SL TKD Attendance May 2020

Well May has certainly been an active Month for many; the roles reversed card is certainly here to stay at the moment. The Junior grades are leading the way in attendance and indeed swotting the senior belt contingent aside with their attendance hours. Well done to all of you who managed to get any training…
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SL TKD Attendance March & April 2020

Well as of April 2020 we were massively affected by certain rules and regulations that prevented us gathering in our usual venues but the early part of April had some type of normality to it. Unfortunately certain activities like Black Belt Gradings and the related sessions have been put on ice for the conceivable future.…
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SL TKD Attendance January 2020

WHO DID THE MOST TRAINING HOURS IN JANUARY 2020? Was it YOU?? January 2020 is a new high. You guys smashed the attendance record. 2017 999 Dojang Training Hours 2018 1263.5 Dojang Training Hours 2019 1101.5 Dojang Training Hours 2020 1461.5 Dojang Training Hours That is an astounding 168 more training hours than 2018! Surely…
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SL TKD Attendance December 2019

WHO DID THE MOST TRAINING HOURS IN DECEMBER 2019? Was it YOU?? December 2019 had a feel of busy to it and although it is a typically quiet Month where sports centres; schools have significant closures and indeed students have lots of Christmas preparations; it still had a buzz to all classes. Thank you for…
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SL TKD Attendance August 2019

WHO DID THE MOST TRAINING HOURS IN August 2019? Was it YOU?? August has been the best one since I have started recording hours. Absolutely smashing last years record. That's with all the upheaval with Summer shutdowns and Dojang refurbishments. Some of you have been on holidays, some of you have been injured. Some of…
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