SL TKD Attendance February 2019


February 2019 felt busy; although I have not seen the comparison to 2018 and 2017 it to me seems that it was a great year for attendance. More than attendance is the overall effort put in by the students from the new white belt 10th Kups to the higher black belts. Attending classes shortly after things like surgery! Even attending with long term illnesses at gradings and external events that they do not have to attend. other clubs have visited the schools and hopefully enjoyed the classes and pre-gradings they have attended and supported.

Re entries to the Black Belt Division this month include Robert Howe; Ivan Arathoon; Lillie Kennedy and John Taylor. Coloured belt students returning after a lay off have been Madeline Parker; Oliver Burton; James Woolward and David Hiner. Great too see some old faces return to class even though a few years older and some with a family of their own now! Welcome back to our Family you guys and stay as long as you can. These guys are still the same characters and personalities you were when you all trained regularly. Welcome back and hope you are all here too stay.?

New beginners like Leila Elford; Jack Saunders; Amber Saunders; William Moore; Bella Arathoon; Aurelia Arathoon; Lydia Arathoon; Megan Thompson to name a few white belts starting their journey's. I wonder how many will progress through to black belts?

Check put the Top 10's and see if you made it into February's 2019 Hall of Fame for the hours trained. if you did not quite make the Top 10 am all inclusive list is here with everyone's training hours for February 2019.... Well done to all of you for your efforts.

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