World Championships REPORT

SL TKD student comes so close to scooping a medal at The TaeKwon Do International World Championships.

Ben Coe who has trained at Stephen Lamberth's Schools of Tae Kwon Do for nearly 4 years now competed in the championship.
The standard was etreemly high as you can imagine in a World Championships. Ben competed in the sparring or the fighting side of Tae Kwon Do and was beaten by a Republic of Ireland fighter. The match was close but Ben was second best on this occasion. His set movements or pattern routine was his best accomplishment over the weekend; he came 4th position out of around 45 competitors in his division.

Ben said " It was a proud moment for me to fight and do my pattern at the World Championships; I will return and hopefully medal or even win next time. I have to put more work and practise in and listen to my Instructors advice. I have trophiesand medals from UK competitions; would of love one from the World Championships but never mind; there is always next time."

Club Instructor said " Ben did himself proud and on the day was not quite strong enough to medal; but what a fantastic effort not only to come 4th but to get to a stage where he could compete with the worlds best is an achievment. I am very proud of all my students and Ben is no exception, although a little dissappointed for Ben as he deserved a medal in my view, I am going to be biased because he is my student. Still never the less, very proud. Well done Ben."

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ben coe

Ben Coe pictured in his World Championship England Uniform with a selection of medals and trophies he has won during his training time so far with Stephen Lamberth's Tae Kwon Do Schools.


  1. Well done Ben! You train so hard and always take your training seriously, you deserve all the success you've had and more to come! 😃👍
  2. Ben, your dedication and hard work is admirable. It will take you a lot by way not only in taekwondo but in life in general. Very well done!

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