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Student of the Month Mar 2018

STUDENT OF THE MONTH RESULTS FOR MARCH 2018 Although March was a Month hit by class disruptions owing to the weather; we lost 5 classes overall in March; first time ever in 24 years. The attendance was still only a few hours down on 2017. Once again AWESOME training through the snow & ice people.…
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The Umpire Strikes Back

Umpires courses took place in february 2018 and we had several people go and participate. The courses took place in Willenhall and Cardiff respectively and I am pleased to announce that the following Black Belts passed the following courses: Umpires Part 1 now qualified to help at National competitions and International Events such as the World…
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Student of the Month Feb 2018

STUDENT OF THE MONTH RESULTS FOR FEBRUARY 2018 Junior Belt  This is for 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe Senior Belt This is open to 4th Kup Blue Belts and above and of course black belts are also included in the senior section. Junior Belt - OLIVER BURTON 7th Kup…
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Coloured Belt Grading 10-03-2018

10am start. If you've trained to the best of your ability - this grading will be a breeze. Want to brush up on your theory? You can do so here: The countdown has begun.. 0 LBL : 0 LBL : 0 LBL : 0 LBL
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SLTKD Pre-Grade 24-02-2018

Well done to all for a very successful and busy grading - and thank you to all the black belts who attended and helped ensure the smooth running of the event. Your contribution, feedback and comments are very helpful for coloured belt students in the run-up to the actual grading. Lovely to see so many…
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The More Hours You Train the better YOU become at anything. Here in our clubs we reward the studemts with a free T shirt for Senior Belts that is Blue Belt and above. There are not so many classes for the junior belts to attend so we also provide a Junior Belt award for the…
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