SL TKD Attendance January 2020


January 2020 is a new high. You guys smashed the attendance record.

2017 999 Dojang Training Hours
2018 1263.5 Dojang Training Hours
2019 1101.5 Dojang Training Hours
2020 1461.5 Dojang Training Hours

That is an astounding 168 more training hours than 2018! Surely will not be beaten?

Well done guys. Awesome

Great to see so many of you in classes in January. One of the most depressing Months of the year and you ladies and gentlemen put a smile on my face. Over 1400 training hours for a January. Genuinely astounding.

All of you have busy home lives and school or college work and yet you are still committee to classes. Working full time, looking after family life; studying and still finding time to come along to classes. There is only 3 hours during the week of 14 available that are specifically for senior belts so even the junior grades have pushed well as you can see from The Top 10's in both sections.

Number one for the Senior Belt attendance is Clifton Beard and his amazing 1980's style of shorts. Aesthetically pleasing for everyone I am sure. Clifton put an awesome 40 hours into the dojangs in January 2020.

Number one for the Junior Belt attendance is John Kovacs and his ability to hold his drink at Tae Kwon Do events stood him in good standing as he clocked an impressive 19 hours for January 2020.

Have a look at the list and see if you made the Top 10's?

Even if you did not manage to; then its great to see what you achieved. Well done to you all and thanks for all of your support and commitment. Lovely people and a lovely club atmosphere.

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