Student of the Month February 2020

Student Of The Month February 2020

Well I think the new Student Of The Month Awards are creating a bit of a stir. There is an increased attendance and not only that an increased Tae Kwon Do level to. So if you have not won the award this month please do not be too upset. Your Tae Kwon Do has vastly improved. March is already 5 days in and the attendance level within the classes so far along with effort has been tremendous. There is an up and coming grading this weekend so keep training please.

Keep pushing ladies and gentlemen; boys and girls standards are rising. Are you rising to the challenge? Thank you all for pushing so hard in your classes. The votes have been really close this Month and such a tricky choice. Attendance for February 2020 is another New Record! Awesome...

Junior Belt Child 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe.

SOTM February 2020 Kamilah Dove 10th Kup White Belt

Congratulations to Kamilah. A very shy young lady who attends the Thursday Tigers Sessions. She has developed in confidence and ability. She has worked hard enough to go for her yellow stripe this time around. Good Luck Kamilah; show us what you can do and continue to work hard. Sometimes she has been brave enough to attend the later session and this has really helped her flourish. Congratulations young lady SOTM February 2020

Miela Dove

Junior Belt Adult 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe.

SOTM February 2020 Poppy Hammond 10th Kup White Belt

This young lady has been persuaded by other club members to get ups there and give it a go. Previously partaking in another martial art; Poppy has picked up the basics very well and surprised herself by being ready to go for her first belt soon. An inspiration for all the parents who park their bums on the benches! Come on you lot.... Give it a go; it really is good fun and challenging. What has helped Poppy is the fact that her children Roxi and Dean have also started. They see Mum as an inspiration too... Go for it Poppy.... Black Belt to be?

Poppy Hann

Senior Belt Junior 4th Kup Belt to any Black Belt Dan Grade.

SOTM February 2020 Marley Fanton 4th Kup Blue Belt

Well the junior category of senior belt is a really competitive one. Lots of you in contention for the medal on this occasion. This was also a really tough choice with so many worthy winners. Marley along with lots of others have really excelled not much more to say but brilliant attitude and great training. Much respect to all of you who have made all the divisions so tough to choose. Congratulations Marley SOTM Winner February 2020

Marley Fanton

Senior Belt Adult 4th Kup Belt to any Black Belt Dan Grade.

SOTM February 2020 Femi Macaulay Red Belt Black Stripe

What can we say about Femi... Well this pleasant chap has such a laid back attitude towards class it's refreshing. That is not to say he does not give it his all; he always does. He is not far from achieving his First Dan and has really accepted the challenge and taken part in lots of sessions to prepare himself for the fast approaching October Black Belt Gradings. He has a great learning and teaching ethic. Thanks Femi; competitive category this one... You have your first SOTM medal. SOTM February 2020 Femi Macaulay Congratulations.

Femi Macaulay

If you have not won a medal this Month please remember it is already March and the same process is less than 4 weals away. Will you gain a SOTM medal in 2020. Come on push yourselves. Go forth; believe and achieve with SL TKD.

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