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SL TKD Attendance September 2018

LESSONS ARE BOOMING IN SEPTEMBER 2018 This is the busiest Month of the year for training; what with a pre grading and a grading in this month. Lots of people have been exceptional not just in their attendance but efforts in class and helping others within the Dojang. Support for the classes has been staggering…
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SLTKD Attendance June 2018

How many hours did YOU train in June? June 2018 breaks attendance record! Over 1600 training hours were completed by all the students in June 2017. CLICK HERE for a June 2017/18 comparison. Fantastic attendance throughout the Month; as you can see form the figures we are doing well in 2018. Senior Belt Winner was…
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SLTKD Attendance April 2018

How many hours did YOU train in April? The Month of April 2018 saw a Black Belt Grading and pre-grade sessions. We had snow at the start and a Bank Holiday; we still had an upwards attendance level from April 2017. This year April 2018 was nearly 10 per cent up... Keep up the hours…
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