Tae Kwon-Do Digital and Classes

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

As I am sure you are all aware there are currently no formal Tae Kwon-Do lessons as we speak. Not until advice on social gathering changes. Unfortunately this does mean no classes in a Dojang but hopefully classes in a clear space in your house or garden, garage etc.

Please make sure the area is free of any obstructions and it is a safe place to exercise and go through what we do. If you cannot do it then don't. Just be involved and watch please. Provide comment and try what you can do. Remember you can injure yourselves so please take care.

First one will be a learning curve for me at 6pm tonight. Facebook Live at 6pm on our FB page Tae Kwon Do 4u.co.uk. It is a Closed page and is the place I should broadcast from. Fingers crossed. Please feel free to join in and ask questions; request content etc. We will do 10th and 9th cups from 6pm this evening. Around 20 minutes each group and trust you can have a look at what we are trying to achieve here. 8thand 7th cup yellow belts from 6.20 ish and so on...

I truly hope you are all well and enjoying this spell of self isolation and hand washing. Despite the obviously tough impending conditions I am currently trying to evolve from pre-historic in the digital age .. white belt... To a fully fledged .. Black Belt... Unfortunately this will take some time and mistakes on my behalf but never the less I am really trying new things.

Missing you guys already.

Thank You for your continued support in this challenging time and we will be back bigger and stronger soon.

Stephen Lamberth

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