Student of the Month September 2019

Student Of The Month September 2019

With the Summer time grading behind us. Historically the quieter grading for SLAMA throughout the year. We still had a very significant attendance through the Month. There are Black Belt Grades and Training sessions coming up in October so keep up to speed with your training. We also have the up and coming Southern Competition happening in October. It promises to be a busy Month. Vack to September; It saw the Annual Troughton Mega Cresta Run. Richard sets himself a challenge to attend every session throughout September; He totalled an astonishing 60 hours of back to back sessions. Never missed one session in September. Truly is astounding as the sessions are not easy so he coped with injuries, bruises, aches and pains... No that's not just Zoe Stone! All joking aside a good achievement; is he up for it in 2020? Will any of you be able to join him?

Junior Belt 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe: Child

William Nethercott 5th Kup: This young man has trained consistently and has really improved his Tae Kwon Do. William is taking part in the Southern Competition in October and has a good chance of winning a medal. Unfortunately owing to a sickness bug he could not grade this September but although disappointed he has continued his training and consolidated his skill set. Next stop Blue Belt I think, congratulations William SOTM September 2019

William Nethercott

Junior Belt 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe: Adult

Debbie Lawton 9th Kup: Debbie has a considerable shadow to train with as her husband and 2 daughters train. Kyle. Emily and Olivia are all pushing for a set of 4 Family Black Belts. These 3 have all achieved Black Belt and for Debbie to start the road towards her Black Belt is full of expectation from the Family. Doing lots and lots of lessons and putting in plenty of practise she graded in September and achieved her first belt. Well done Debbie. That's the first one done. Keep up the training and get them to help you at home... Well done SOTM September 2019.

Debbie Lawton

Senior Belt 4th Kup Blue Belt to any rank of Black Belt: Child

Hannah Janes : 2nd Kup Red Belt : This young lady is mature beyond her years. achieving Red Belt and continuing to strive towards he Black Belt is no mean feat. She seems to be taking it all in her stride she is now is finding helping others in the lessons to be something she seems to excel at too. Not only a Red Belt but turning into a good role model for other junior students to emulate. Way to go Hannah. Congratulations SOTM September 2019

Debbie Lawton

Senior Belt 4th Kup Blue Belt to any rank of Black Belt: Adult

Richard Troughton 1st Dan : No surprise here; Awesome training schedule in September and not once did he complain or moan. Great attitude to class and helping others. Plenty of Instructors would be proud to have him in their ranks. To be fair plenty of Instructors would want all of you in their ranks; I am very proud of what you all do in the dojamg. Richard also raised £240.00 for a Cancer Charity... Smile? Not sure of the charities full name. Ask Richard. Will we see him in October or will he hibernate?

SOTM September 2019

Debbie Lawton

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