Student of the Month October 2019

Student Of The Month October 2019

What a fantastic Month of achievement for senior grades within the club! Every 6 months we travel to Weston Super Mare and if grading Bristol for Pre Gradings and training sessions. This is a test of endurance and dedication. It's all in aid of gaining the fabled black belt. The rest of the club carries on with it's usual activities during the month and hopefully not really notice a difference to classes. Just the senior belts area bit thinner on the dojang floor and not through healthy eating! We also had a quiet coloured belt grading last month so lots of you have been preparing for a fast approaching end of year grade. We also have had quite an influx of beginners to the classes and lovely to see some parents joining in and doing remarkably well.

Junior Belt 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe: Child

Ethan Moule 8th Kup : He has been consistent with his training and with his training compatriot and other yellow belt Thomas Waldeck have both significantly improved. It was to be fair difficult to make a choice between the pair. These boys are well mannered and quietly get on with their progression and both push each other in a productive way. I don't think they even notice that they are helping each other by the way they train. The dreaded 3 step sparring at this level dare I say seems to be flowing and looking reasonable. The pattern and stances look clear and should be at a good standard come grading time. Well done Ethan keep pushing hard.go for more power and enhance those stanc Next stop green stripe. SOTM October 2019.

Ethan Moule

Junior Belt 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe: Adult

Noura Abi El Hosn 9th Kup: . It is not the easiest thing to grasp Tae Kwon Do with the way we do our blocks, stances, reaction , hip twist, focus and co ordination to mention just a few things. Noura has worked hard and indeed still struggles to get the routines and basic movements correct. What she has shown is a great work ethic and a not giving up attitude which has inspired the students within the classes indomitable spirit in abundance. Along with a shed load of determination this has helped with others helping one another and trying to improve ready for the next grade tests coming up in December. Well done for your persistence and great attitude to learning. Showing that you can progress with hard work, practice and stubbornness. Noura Hosn SOTM October 2019.

Noura Abi El Hosn

Senior Belt 4th Kup Blue Belt to any rank of Black Belt: Child

Isabelle Millett 1st Dan Black Belt : What a rollercoaster ride to the black belt; it has had it's ups and lots of down but triumph won out in the end. What can we say; well usually it would of been come on Isabelle put some effort in. More power more well just well everything. She has been hard work to get to this stage; a certain amount of self doubt and to be honest laziness on her part has caused the shouts to reverberate around the dojang. What can I say; black belt because you deserved it; you worked hard; believed and finally did Tae Kwon Do properly. I truly hope you continue on this path young lady.You got the back belt yourself; now for goodness sake believe and do not go back too being a lazy Madame Well done Ma'am SOTM October 2019

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Senior Belt 4th Kup Blue Belt to any rank of Black Belt: Adult

Ivan Arathoon 1st Dan Black Belt: This young man passed his Black belt around 2009 if my memory serves me correct. He has had several yeas off training where his life changed in such a way that he could no longer train whilst making a life for himself and his family. Lydia, Bella and Aurelia. Ivan's family have also come to class and are now training and enjoying the classes and progressing through the ranks. Hopefully all going for the 8th cup soon. Those of you that know Ivan cannot say he is not passionate about Tae Kwon Do. He works tirelessly and is a great assistant within the class and helps inspire others with his sheer enthusiasm and energy. He cannot quit jump and fly around the dojang in the same way these days but never the less he has still got it. Well done Ivan. At the recent competition in Torbay he went along and came 2nd for patterns and indeed had a play off with Matt O'Sullivan who came 1st. Matt is a visiting student from Romsey TKD. Ivan also picked up a stolen nose from his free sparring and a lovely nose guard that looked very Halloween. Well deserved Ivan SOTM October 2019.

Ivan Arathoon

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