Student of the Month Janurary 2020

Student Of The Month January 2020

Well I think the new Student Of The Month Awards are creating a bit of a stir. There is an increased attendance and not only that an increased Tae Kwon Do level to. So if you have not won the award this month please do not be too upset. Your Tae Kwon Do has vastly improved. February is already 3 days in and the attendance level within the classes so far along with effort has been tremendous.

These sections are voted for by the Black Belts who assist in classes along with myself. I take an overall view of everyone's votes as some black belts cannot attend all classes then I get a much broader spectrum of you all than the other Black Belts.

It really was incredibly difficult to choose as there was a real cross section of votes this time and I had to make some difficult choices. I must say a great problem to have as there is no 1 stand out winner in any of the 4 sections; the standards have been that high for effort and attendance. Well done to all of you who make this club what it is. Awesome.

Junior Belt Child 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe.

SOTM January 2020 Lizzie Hiner 9th Kup White Belt

Congratulations to Lizzie. A returning student from a few years ago. She has got the Tae Kwon Do spirit and is really trying in her classes. Impressed several Black Belts with her efforts and indeed done extremely well. Next stop Yellow Belt? When Lizzie previously trained her heart was not in it really. I think it was more of a social thing because some of her school friends did classes and she spent time nattering. Now older she still natters away but trains properly and has a hunger to improve; well done Miss Hiner.

Lizzie Hiner

Junior Belt Adult 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe.

SOTM January 2020 Ed Hurst 9th Kup White Belt

Well done to Ed who has trained with us since the October 2019. He has jumped straight into training and although a little tentative at first really has pushed hard to improve. I heard a quote from him from one of our club members that he cannot believe how genuinely friendly and welcoming people are to the club. That's an accolade for all of you students, thank you for making everyone feel welcome. Believe you me there are places where new people are not welcome. Ed has been determined to crack Chon Ji and his kicking ability is coming along nicely. His daughter Annabelle has just started classes to. Let's hope to see Annabelle getting a SOTM one day?

Ed Hurst

Senior Belt Junior 4th Kup Belt to any Black Belt Dan Grade.

SOTM January 2020 Max Killeen 1st Kup Red Belt

Well miracles do happen! Max has been a regular attendee once a week for years within Tae Kwon Do classes. I don't think he will mind me saying this but sometimes he has looked like he would rather be any place on earth rather than the dojang and with a lazy bad attitude to boot. He is still coming along twice a week but has metamorphosed himself into a pleasant young man within the group and actually trained properly when attending classes. Lots of people have made comments along the line of. Max is good isn't he? what a difference in Max now he is actually trying. Never really noticed him before; always there but not. well just goes to show you that you can achieve. Well done Max; keep it up PLEASE.

Max Kileen

Senior Belt Adult 4th Kup Belt to any Black Belt Dan Grade.

SOTM January 2020 Clifton Beard 3rd Dan Black Belt

Well this man is just a machine in the club; I am so blessed to have so many fantastic devoted students and assistants in the club. I am not being patronising in anyway here but his award could have gone out to 40+ students here! What a difficult choice ALL the sections were but this one; Jeez!

Well done Clifton; training through injuries and putting others first, not only 1st in attendance hours for January 2020 with 40 hours of classes but 1st in SOTM January 2020. Even though he does wear those aesthetically pleasing shorts hey Ladies & Gentlemen.

Clifton Beard

If you have not won a medal this Month please remember it is already February and the same process is less than 4 weals away. Will you gain a SOTM medal in 2020. Come on push yourselves. Go forth, believe and achieve with SL TKD.

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