Student of the Month August 2019

Student Of The Month August 2019

Well usually July and August are amongst the quieter Month's for me as an Instructor relating to attendance because lots of you have holidays and enjoy the Summer weather. We also have had unusually disrupted training hall routines this August but found alternatives like playing fields; beaches and other dojangs to host us in an usual Month. One students have just stopped training throughout the Summer Holidays. this in turn is why this up and coming Grading is the lowest attended grading because of the slow Summer training. We have certainly bucked the trend this August; Awesome Training people. Cresta Run After Cresta Run for some whole families and individual students has bolstered the hours more than significant total.

Junior Belt 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe: Child

Carys Jackson 10th Kup : This young lady has done Tae Kwon Do for around 2 lessons in October 2018 then had a go at a lesson or 2 in February 2019 it was cold and miserable the few sessions she did. I don't think she liked the cold too much and kind of faded away from class quickly. She started coming along to class in August and has properly grasped Tae Kwon Do; she wants to get a sparring kit like her brother Hayden who's a blue stripe. She has trained so much that she has a chance of grading soon. Awesome and really great efforts Carys; Well Done SOTH August 2019

Carys Jackson

Junior Belt 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe :Adult

Richard Harris 6th Kup: This young man will not mind me saying that he has and still does not find Tae Kwon Do easy. It's hard and so it should be. Richard to me sums up Indomitable Spirit. You can really see the anguish on his face at learning new techniques. Instead of wilting and backing away from a challenge making excuses; which lots of people do; Richard doesn't. He sets a great example to his son James who can lack a little in determination from time to time. His drive inspires his son to stay with him and indeed drives others around him to achieve. Well Done Richard Harris Diamond Geezer SOTM August 2019.

Richard Harris

Senior Belt 4th Kup Blue Belt to any rank of Black Belt : Child

Jayden Thornton 4th Kup : He has not only beaten the Black Belts this Month for attendance; he really has pushed himself hard in class and attended his record Month; Jayden Trained 44 Hours in August! Just WOW. He is a young man on his Summer Holidays and has really put his head down and pushed so hard in August 2019. Eclipsing EVERY student in hours this Month even the adults... Not just turning up and being 'child minded' Jayden really has trained to the point of his energies and improved so much; not that he had to improve. An example of a good student is Jayden. Thank you Jayden; a real joy to teach ... SOTM August 2019

Jayden Thornton

Senior Belt 4th Kup Blue Belt to any rank of Black Belt : Adult

Laura Trapnell 1st Dan : Laura has been an ambassador for the Tae Kwon Do Club as ever and would be a student any Instructor would love to have in their student ranks. She always is social and never miserable in the class. I have seen her go out of her way to say hello to new students and parents alike and welcome them into the Family of Tae Kwon Do. She has also defended and helped students that have had issues to contend with, even to the point of getting hurt herself. She dusted herself down and persisted with words of encouragement and praise rather than thunder and ferociousness. Contending with a quite long running injury too I can see the injury is coming to an end. This has been done by managing what she does within the class whilst training.... Well done Laura; Awesome as ever... SOTM August 2019

Laura TrapnellLaura & her team

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