Student of the Month Jan 2018


Junior Belt 

This is for 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe

Senior Belt

This is open to 4th Kup Blue Belts and above and of course black belts are also included in the senior section.

There are so many worthy students that I could have awarded the belts. Difficult to choose but I took into account how you persevere when you attend classes; whether you are a team player and willing to help others. If you have strived to achieve something tricky within your Tae Kwon-Do parameters.

It's not just given to the fittest or the best sparrer. It’s about how you train. I really can say the majority of students fit the criteria. The ones that don't are getting their focus and improving; this is another reason for doing this award each Month. A difficult job for me each Month is to decide who deserves to wear the belt.

If you are not successful in January there is February; March: April; May; June; July; August; September; October; November & December. Keep on track with your training and do what you can do. Believe to achieve. Your success is unlimited if you try.


Leia Metcalf-Williams 10th Kup

This young lady started training with us in October 2017. She started lessons like you would if you were attempting to test if a bath is too hot or too cold temperature wise. Mum usually sits on the sidelines and watches and we have seen Dad and twin sister watching recently. Leia has done exceptionally well and is ready to start the grading programme in March. 9th Kup here we come Leia Metcalfe-Williams. Well deserved young lady. Keep it up. Leia has trained a total of 8 hours throughout January which indeed is remarkable for a White Belt; each session she has pushed herself hard and really grasped learning with both hands so much so that you can see the improvement.


Dylan Moore 4th Kup Blue Belt

Once again; so many names in the frame for this. This young man has developed from the boy who hid at the start of his training behind his Dad. He has grown in confidence and steadily improved to now coming along to Junior Tiger Division Lessons and helping assist others. Brilliant to see how his confidence and Tae Kwon Do skill set is improving. Keep it up Dylan you might get some "Moore" of these belts!  Sorry could not miss an opportunity for a pun. Those of you who know and train with Dylan will agree that he is a polite,  helpful young man and always gives his training his utmost efforts. Very mature in his attitude for his age and already a good exponent of Tae Kwon Do. Keep up the good work Dylan.

Do YOU want to wear the belt?

Remember I am watching you train every lesson; I see how you train and know when you are not learning because of how you train. If you do not keep switched on then neither will your Tae Kwon-Do. Quotes from students who used to train: "I gave up Tae Kwon-Do because I think it's rubbish." No it’s not Tae Kwon-Do that’s rubbish; it's the way YOU trained that was rubbish. Are you rubbish and a quitter or determined to achieve your next goal? Let me see the fight inside you when you train. Impress us with your attitude and it will not be rubbish. You will be the best that you can be...

If you want to get the recognition you deserve then train properly and try to do not give up at the things that you think you cannot do. Be the best you can; it does not matter if there are people you perceive to be "better than you" - they are not. We are all the same and strive to be the best we can.

Some just give up others do not. Hope you are one of the "Others' and not the "Some"

I Love TKD

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