Student of the Month Feb 2018


Junior Belt 

This is for 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Belt Blue Stripe

Senior Belt

This is open to 4th Kup Blue Belts and above and of course black belts are also included in the senior section.

Junior Belt - OLIVER BURTON 7th Kup Yellow Belt

Oliver has worked very hard to improve his techniques over the past few weeks. He has stepped up his training and even attended some more senior lessons. Coming away from the Junior Tiger Division Classes is tough when you are younger. Welldone Oliver Burton you are really improving hope too see you wearing a green belt soon enough.

Senior Belt - ANNA MORRIS 1st Dan Black Belt

Anna has worked hard to gain more knowledge on her Black Belt syllabus and pushed hard in the South West competition. She attended Umpires course part 1 also. Lots of commitment shown. Helped to assist other students in class and with the improvements in her technique has done well enough to have the Student of The Month Belt for February 2018


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