Star Of the Day September 2019

At our last 3 coloured belt gradings we have awarded a 'Star Of The Day' performance medal amongst the Black Belts who attend the grading. I ask them to vote for their star of the day and duly make an award.

This award is an internal club item and does not shine away from Grading Awards issued by Grand Master Dew. These medals are what your compatriots think of you during the grading.

You do not have to be a grader as the award to Mr Roger Stewart shows. He was awarded the medal for his epic sparring and performance on one step sparring. Doing such a great performance on the day was testament to Roger as a Black Belt. Roger was awarded this in March 2019

Jayden Thornton just had a good all round consistent performance on the day of his Star Award. Very sharp and precise and does all he can. He had numerous votes from the black belts in June 2019

Pictured are the first two recipients of the medals; Roger Stewart and Jayden Thornton. Also the most recent winner Marley 'The Hair' Fanton

This September's grade after the votes were collated Marley Fanton was awarded with The Star Of The Day Award September 2019....

Well done Marley. Well deserved!

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