Star Of the Day December 2019

The Black Belts who attended the Grading are requested to give their best performance on the day. Bearing in mind that we see the students training on a regular basis. This award does not detract from Grand Master Dew's awarding of A passes and the overall Grading Award.

The Star Of The Day Award is a recent thing from 2019 and previous winners have been Roger Stewart, Marley Fanton and Jayden Thornton.

There were several different votes and I must admit you all did well and congratulations on your Gradings. On the whole most were impressive and I can see an improvement in all of you.

Amy Bullen had the most votes by far and has done remarkably well. She has learned the whole syllabus from white to red belt in around 2 years. If you did not know Amy practiced a different type of Tae Kwon-Do which did not perform patterns the way we do.

So this young lady has done very well to be at a standard to grade for Black Stripe. There are things to perfect but she performed well and passed. I know there were plenty of black belts that were helping on the day who were willing you on to do well. The other training students were also giving you a lot of support.

Well done Amy on achieving Star Of The day for the December Coloured Belt Grading 2019!

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