SL TKD Personal Lesson Plan

Your Personal Lesson Plan

Remember if you are carrying any injuries etc. please do not attempt as you will only aggravate the issue. If you cannot physically do any of these things then please don’t. Ensure you have a clear space with enough room to perform this programme. Make sure the room is fit for purpose and you have a safe environment. Please BE SAFE.

Warm Up

Jog on the spot for around 20 to 30 seconds. Do a few shuttle runs 5 to 10 metres dependant on space to perform. If not stay jogging on the spot. Keep this going until you feel sweaty.

Place hands behind you on your bottom then raise one foot after the other and touch heels on your palms. Do this until you feel even warmer.

Jumping jacks around 20 making sure you squat around 10 of them.

On the spot then arms and legs long ways then arms and legs going wide. Do these two for around 2 minutes.

Upper Body

Lift your head up looking skywards then look down towards the floor. Raise the head up and down slowly as not to damage your neck muscles.  Look straight ahead then proceed to look left and right stretching your neck muscles in the opposite direction. Perform each neck exercise 10 times each side.

Place arms on the sides of your body and stretch an arm down the side of your body maintaining a straight back and looking forwards. Keep neck as straight as you can. Maintain a good posture. Once again 10 times each side.

Place hands on hips and rotate hips any direction in a circular motion; 10 times one direction and 10 times the other way.

Stand up straight and on the spot slowly flick the foot out in front several times and repeat on the other leg. Ankle rotations here to left and right directions; both feet. Obviously on foot at a time.

Open feet to a shoulder width apart link fingers and take a deep breath then breath out stretch linked hands in front of you pushing your bottom slightly backwards stretching your glutes and hamstrings gently. Maintain a straight back. Hold for around 30 seconds. Perform this 6 to10 times.

Wrap the crook of your arm around your neck gently and push your own elbow across with other hand giving you a gentle stretch. Repeat on both sides. Then reach behind your neck with a hand, place the other hand on your elbow and gently push elbow downwards. Remember to keep neck straight maintaining good posture. Repeat this exercise 6 to 10 times.

Stand straight place feet roughly a shoulder width apart and circle arms backwards direction 10 times. Repeat the circular action 10 times forwards.

Open the stance now wider, sitting stance slowly keeping arms straight swing arms left to right side stretching your body.

Maintain the sitting stance place left hand in front punch position and reaction arm on hip; perform 10 punches. Do 5 sets of 10.

Maintain this position perform 10 double punches in same manner. Remember always punch centrally; keep a straight wrist whilst punching. Toes forwards and bend your knees. 

Lower Body Work

Lay flat on floor nice straight body face down. Place your hands in front of your chest and raise shoulders and head upwards. Keep hips and legs on the floor; this will stretch lower back. Hold for around 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise 6 to 10 times.

Raise the body into press up position. Do 10 press ups then see if you can walk the hands back to standing up without dropping knees to the floor. If you cannot do this then don’t attempt. Just stand up straight.

Start raising a leg and bend at the knee rotate the knee inwards and outwards 10 times in each direction. Place the foot down and repeat on the other leg.

Form a sitting stance perform 5 sets of single middle punches then 5 sets of double punches. Remember to bend those knees and have your toes facing forwards.

Maintain the sitting stance, straighten your legs and keep a nice straight back. Draw in a nice deep breath and raise arms above your head; breath out slowly place a hand diagonally across your body reaching down to your opposite leg; if you can get to your toes or lower leg that is fine do what you can. Perform on opposite side. Stretch up first deep breath as you breath out and perform the stretch with other hand down the opposite leg. Repeat 6 to 10 times.

Maintain sitting stance now but bring body up nice and straight; link your fingers and push palms outward. Straighten knees and gently arch back and push the bottom back away from you. Hold for around 30 seconds. Bring legs in and relax.

Bring feet back together and stand straight. Deep breath in and raise your arms up skywards, breath out stretch down with hands and lower body towards knees. Then hold this position for around 3o seconds. Slowly stand up straight.

Assume walking ready stance and perform 10 leg rising kicks on each side. Then perform 10 front snap kicks on each side. Barroll return to ready stance.

Grab a quick small drink of water if needed. If you wish to purchase a (Slama/ SL Tkd water bottle message me). Maybe your shirt is sweaty and dirty now? Might need a new one? Message me your orders through 🙂

Grading Work Here:

Now dependant on your belt please practice the line work relevant to your grade it is on our SL TKD YouTube Channel; you have detailed line work in sheet format in the Resources section on our website

You also have South West TAGB Handbooks to refer to; you can find your grade things to practice. Remember social spacing please.

Set sparring is also on the You Tube SL TKD Channel you can practice this without a partner much like you can do with patterns and line work. Higher belts remember practise older syllabus to. As you do not know what you will receive at your next gradings.

Spend around 20 to 40 minutes here depending on energy levels.

Warm Down

After the syllabus repeat items from the warm up and lower& Upper body workouts. A few from each section. Perform in a more gentle fashion slow it down and breath deep. Try to relax and get normal breathing back. 

Barroll… Charyot; Kyong Ye… Hassan

Please repeat your syllabus at least twice repeating lower belt things if you are a 5th Kup and below. Senior belts remember to try and do more if you are able to. Do not try anything that you deem dangerous or that you have not been shown in classes. Doing this will keep you Grade ready when we return to the Dojang.

Please be sensible with this workout. Please be safe and at present no more than 2 of you can do these things together. Maintain social spacing and please do not do anything you physically cannot perform. PLEASE BE SAFE.

Master Lamberth 6th Degree

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