SL TKD Coloured Belt Grading 09-03-2019

100 % Grading Success at SLTKD

On the 9th March 2019 Grand Master Michael Dew examined the members of Ringwood, Fordingbridge, Cranborne, Ferndown and Verwood Tae Kwon Do Schools. It was one of the best overall grading tests since 1994. The clubs had 5 A Passes and 4 Grading Awards handed out. There was over 50 students who graded this time around and everyone passed their belts.

A Passes were William Mcgregor - Ringwood, Abbie Tucker - Ferndown Amelia Pudney - Cranborne, Hannah Janes - Verwood and Darcy Stead - Ringwood.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the classes and helped by either assisting in class as assistant Instructors; managed to get family members regularly to classes and commit to achieving a good standard. There are plenty of other types of martial arts out there that are not as good as us. We truly have a fantastic standard all you is have to do to see that is look at other classes and realise how good you are in comparison. As you have heard me say 'If you want it easy go and do Karate'.

Thanks for everyone and your support as we continue to grow in strength of numbers and standards of Tae Kwon Do.

Stephen Lamberth

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