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Please make sure the room or area you try to perform activities is clear of obstructions and you are safe to do these techniques.  Make sure you do a warm up and take reasonable steps to protect yourself and others. Obviously social spacing is critical at present.

A 2 metre gap is required from personal contact perspectives. Wash your hands before and after. You also must have permission and its clear of obstructions within the area you are practicing to do so, please make sure you gain consent.

Do ONLY what you physically can; remember your limitations. If you are injured then watch by all means but do not do it and injure yourself further. I have all your best interests at heart BE SAFE… It is your responsibility to keep yourselves healthy and safe doing these activities so please take it seriously and act accordingly.

Thank you for reading my riot act  🙂

This is the first time we have been able to set aside time for you all to have a visual aid to your training. We filmed on Friday 20th March over a 8 hour window of opportunity.  I think this is a pretty amazing job. Edited and cut put up for ALL students to use…

Please feel free to Share, Subscribe, Comment. Oh YES PLEASE LIKE… Thank You... Now I am sure there is the odd mistake but please take this as a reference and do it as YOUR Instructor would guide you. It’s pretty much all  there in the best format we could think of doing for you all.

Now you do have to put up with a bit of my bad humour so it has it’s drawbacks but the syllabus is there for 10th Kup White Belt up to and including 2nd Dan Black Belt. Who will be the first one to find my Martial Artist Steven Seagull joke?  If you find it on our video’s let me know because I forgot where I said it!

Here is the link to SLTKD YouTube page… Subscribe; look at videos… ‘LIKE’ away all of you please:


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