International Visitor

This year in 2019 we had a visit from Fraser Newman who practices his Tae Kwon Do in Germany and is currently a 2nd Degree Black Belt.. He has been a long term friend of Roger Stewart who is one of our 3rd Degree Black Belts. Poor Fraser....

Upon one of his visits to see his long term friend Fraser asked if he could come along to some classes. I of course said he was welcome to come along and train. He gave us a fantastic report by saying what a fantastic group we are. All the students from juniors to adult; coloured belts and black belts all welcomed him and he found that fantastic to behold. thank you for being such good Tae Kwon do ambassadors.

Here are some interesting photo's of his visit... Like to think that biting Rogers arm is a 'friend' thing???

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  1. Most impressed by the enthusiasm, energy and application of precise technique.

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