Ladies and gentlemen, it will not have escaped your notice that the corona virus is starting to spread in the UK. There are now at least four cases in the surrounding areas although none yet reported in either Verwood, Ferndown, Fordingbridge or Ringwood.

We are a close knit club and we are often in close contact sparring with each other.

We are conscious that some members may be more worried about covid19 than others, some may have elderly or otherwise vulnerable family and we all want to do our best to act responsibly and put people at ease.

Therefore, can we please ask everyone to be respectful, please wash your hands regularly and especially before you come to class. If you want to wash your hands after close contact sparring, please just slip out quietly. If you are a child, you will need to make sure an adult knows you are leaving.

If you have travelled to any other 14 countries that the government has flagged and you start to develop any recognized symptoms, please stay away from class. If you have not travelled abroad but have been in contact with anyone who you reasonably think may have exposure to the virus, please read the government advice and act accordingly.

Otherwise, club remains open - we have had a busy weekend with Master Dew’s seminar and our grading. We will continue to welcome everyone to class to receive new belts and learn new patterns until such time as the government advice changes.

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