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3 Step Sparring – Sambo Matsoki

Master Lamberth's First Idiots Guide Thanks for this monster of a question asking me to ‘word up’ 3 Step Sparring, this took a while but I think I have pretty much nailed it. If you are an expert and have any additions please let me know. I have tried my best to explain it as simply as…
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Walking Stance Rising Block

Master Lamberth's First Idiots Guide Nothing quite beats your dojang but this is an interesting experiment for Instructors and students alike. Can you explain to your students and other students how to do a technique? This really test your in depth knowledge, even with the simplest of techniques physically. Explaining them by using words is…
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Walking Stance 9 Shaped Block

Master Lamberth's First Idiots Guide Thank you for your message Marvin, Nice to see that somebody interacts and actually reads my content. What I am trying to do is give everyone a more in depth understanding of what we do and why. I will do my best to give an interpretation of: Walking Stance 9…
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L Stance Twin Forearm Block

Master Lamberth's First Idiots Guide This brief description hopefully will give those students a better understanding of the techniques that I wish were available when I was learning.  I will start with Niunja Sogi, Sang Palmok Makgi. If you find this useful I will continue with an individual diary of techniques and explanations from my…
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