Student of the Month


As of January 2018 SL TKD is bringing back Student of the Month for Junior Belt Students; that's 10th Kup White Belt to 5th Kup Green Blue Stripe Belt. There will also be a Senior Belt Student of the Month award; Blue Belt to Black Belt can obtain the Senior Award. This is not worked on the hours you complete or your age but how you train. Have you got the correct attitude and positivity; can you really get to wear this belt?

If you train hard and with the right spirit; energy and dedication you will have the honour of wearing this belt for the Month. Can you guess what colour it is? Do you think you will get it? Try by training properly and stiving for improvement.

It's not for the amount of classes you do or the hours you put in just purely on your quality; you get this belt if you deserve it; as there is so many students it will be a true accolade within the club to gain this belt for the Month... Go on Drive & Strive... Winners Train; Losers Complain.

There is also a belt of recognition for all those students who take part in after schools clubs; each week I will award a belt to somebody in the class who works well and trains properly with the correct attitude and positivity. Student of the week belt; can you guess what colour the belt is?

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